IIFT 2016 Question Paper Question 109

Question 109

Two farmers were cultivating wheat on their respective agricultural land in a village. Farmer A had an average production of 20 bushels from a hectare. Farmer B, who had 15 hectares of more land dedicated to wheat cultivation, had and output of 30 bushels of wheat from a hectare. If farmer B harvested 530 bushels of wheat more than farmer A, how many bushels of wheat did farmer A cultivate?


Let's assume farmer A has ‘x’ hectare land.

    $$\therefore$$ Total production of A = 20x

According to the information given to us B will have 'x+15' hectare land.

   $$\therefore$$ Total production of B = 30*(x+15)

Given that : Total production of B - Total production of A = 530

                             30*(x+15) - 20x = 530

                                         x = 8

    Thus, total production of A = 20*8 = 160 

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