Read the following scenario and answer the three questions that follow.

Saradeep was the proprietor of Saradeep & Sons Pvt. Ltd., an auto parts manufacturing company. He had three children--Taapsi, Kesar and Sandeep. His wife passed away when Sandeep, the youngest kid of the family, was only eight years old. Taapsi, being the eldest sibling, was more of a mother to Kesar and Sandeep.

Taapsi and Kesar joined Saradeep’s business right after college because Saradeep trusted them immensely. He once told Kesar, “I want key positions to be held by the people I trust."

Saradeep wanted Sandeep also to join his business like Kesar and Taapsi. Saradeep felt that Sandeep had a strong business sense, probably the best among his three children. Hence, Saradeep wanted Sandeep to take his higher education in business studies. However, Sandeep had other aspirations; he wanted to become a lawyer. Of late, he was offered admission to the prestigious National Law School, Bengaluru. As soon as he received the admission offer, he rushed to share this news with his family members.

Question 92

Sandeep shared the news of the admission offer first with Kesar, who exhibited mixed feelings. He was happy for Sandeep’s admission to the National Law School; nevertheless, he was concerned about their father’s reaction. Moreover, Saradeep had an anxiety attack a few months back and was working from their family mansion in Shimla. Kesar advised Sandeep to delay sharing his selection news with their father.

Which of the following, if true, will BEST enable Sandeep share the news with Saradeep without delay?


Option A can be eliminated as Saradeep recently had an anxiety attack so even if Sandeep shared all happenings of the day with Saradeep he might not do so due to health concerns. Kesar being paranoid about family is no reason for Sandeep to not tell Saradeep about his offer so option B is eliminated. Option D is eliminated because walking four kilometres does not indicate if Saradeep has anxiety issues or not. Saradeep might regard Law as respectable profession but may still want Sandeep to go for business studies so option E is also eliminated. If Option C is true then Sandeep must tell Saradeep otherwise there is change that Saradeep might stop talking to Sandeep again and that will be not good for both of them also there might again be anxiety problem with Saradeep.

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