XAT Truth Lie Concept questions

XAT 2010 Truth Lie Concept questions

Instruction for set 1:

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

An audit unearthed a financial scam in NWC Corporation. One or more among the 9 financial accountants of NWC Corporation are suspected to have fudged the accounts. Following are the statements made by the nine suspects.
Shrinivas: Nagraj fudged the accounts
Datta: Shrinivas did not fudge the accounts
Nagraj: Datta is lying and I did not fudge accounts
Jose: Shrinivas is telling the truth
Samuel: Exactly three of the suspects are telling the truth
Ejaz: Datta is lying and Shrinivas fudged the accounts
Chaudhary: Datta fudged the accounts
Ganeshan: Datta is lying and Shrinivas is telling the truth
Panda: Samuel is lying

Question 1

If Samuel is telling the truth, which of the following statements is true?

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