Question 9

Sui-Dhaga Company has to prepare two special designer dresses for Garba event. Their unique dress designs are always in demand by the young couples who participate in Garba event competitions. The profit contribution of male dress is $75 per unit and the profit contribution of female dress is $80 per unit. Total 7 hours are required to stitch a male-dress and 3 hours are required to stitch a female-dress. Silk required to prepare a male dress and a female dress is 4 meters and 5 meters respectively. To produce the dresses, total available labour hours are 59 and total availability of silk is 60 meters. They would like to produce male and female dresses as per the available resources in such a way so that the total profit gets maximized for the company. What will be total maximum profit earned by the Sui-Dhaga Company?


Let the number of male dresses and female dresses be x and y respectively.
It is given,
4x + 5y = 60
7x + 3y = 59
Solving, we get x = 5 and y = 8
Profit = 75(5)+80(8) = 1015
Answer is option C.

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