IIFT 5th Dec 2021 Slot 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The Star TV agency has conducted a survey in Green view residency to see how many people like these three serials: "Anupama" "Kalayani", and "Imlie" which hold first three positions of TRP. In a group of 150 people 90, 70, and 50 people like "Kalayani", "Imlie" and "Anupama" respectively. The number of people who like all the three serials is half the number of people who like exactly two serials. The number of people who like exactly any two out of the three serials is the same as those who like exactly any other two of the three serials. The number of people who like all the three serials are:

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Question 2

Shanu and Ishu play a tossing game. They alternatively toss a coin. Whoever receives 'Head' first, wins the game. What is Ishu's chance of winning the game if Shanu gets a chance to toss coin first?

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Question 3

The angle of elevation of a glider from the deck of ship 25 meters above the sea surface is $$30^\circ$$ nd the angle of depression of the reflection of glider in the sea is $$75^\circ$$. Find the approximate height of the glider from the sea surface. $$\sqrt{3}=\frac{19}{11}$$

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Question 4

A triangular park named ABC, is required to be protected by green fencing. The length of the side BC is 293. If the length of side AB is a perfect square, the length of the side AC is a power of two (2), and the length of side AC is twice the length of side AB. Determine how much fencing is required to cover the triangular park.

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Question 5

Care hospital has vaccination facility at different floors of the hospital i.e. Covishield at first floor, Covaxin at 2nd floor and Sputnik at 3rd floor. Daily quota of allotted vaccine is determined by the government. On a particular day, 35% of the patients got Covaxin, 45% of the patients got Covishield and 20% got Sputnik. After vaccination, the vaccinated people were instructed to take Paracetamol if they experienced fever. Among the vaccinated people, those who received Covaxin have 15% chance of getting fever, Covishield vaccinated people have 10% chance of getting fever, and Sputnik vaccinated people have 5% chance of getting fever. A vaccinated person was randomly picked up and it was found that he had a running temperature at 102F. What is the chance that he had been administered Covishield vaccine?

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Question 6

In the figure (not drawn to scale) given below, if $$AD=CD=BC$$ and angle $$BCE = 81^\circ$$, how much is the value of angle $$DBC$$?

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Question 7

Determine the number of positive integer 'n' where 1 $$\le\ $$ n $$\le\ $$ 100 and 'n' is not divisible by 2, 3 or 5.

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Question 8

A granite stone has been purchased to build the kitchen platform and dining area of Mr. Kumar's bungalow. The cost of the stone varies directly with square of its weight. The stone broke into four parts whose weights are in the ratio of 2:4:7:11. If the granite stone had broken into four equal parts of weight then it would have led to a loss of Rs. 73600. What is the actual cost of the original granite stone (unbroken)?

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Question 9

Sui-Dhaga Company has to prepare two special designer dresses for Garba event. Their unique dress designs are always in demand by the young couples who participate in Garba event competitions. The profit contribution of male dress is $75 per unit and the profit contribution of female dress is $80 per unit. Total 7 hours are required to stitch a male-dress and 3 hours are required to stitch a female-dress. Silk required to prepare a male dress and a female dress is 4 meters and 5 meters respectively. To produce the dresses, total available labour hours are 59 and total availability of silk is 60 meters. They would like to produce male and female dresses as per the available resources in such a way so that the total profit gets maximized for the company. What will be total maximum profit earned by the Sui-Dhaga Company?

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Question 10

Find the value of $$\sqrt{552+\sqrt{552+}\sqrt{552+...}}$$

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