IIFT 5th Dec 2021 Slot 1 Question 5

Question 5

Care hospital has vaccination facility at different floors of the hospital i.e. Covishield at first floor, Covaxin at 2nd floor and Sputnik at 3rd floor. Daily quota of allotted vaccine is determined by the government. On a particular day, 35% of the patients got Covaxin, 45% of the patients got Covishield and 20% got Sputnik. After vaccination, the vaccinated people were instructed to take Paracetamol if they experienced fever. Among the vaccinated people, those who received Covaxin have 15% chance of getting fever, Covishield vaccinated people have 10% chance of getting fever, and Sputnik vaccinated people have 5% chance of getting fever. A vaccinated person was randomly picked up and it was found that he had a running temperature at 102F. What is the chance that he had been administered Covishield vaccine?


Required probability = $$\ \ \frac{\ \left(0.45\right)\left(0.1\right)}{\left(0.35\right)\left(0.15\right)+\left(0.45\right)\left(0.1\right)+\left(0.2\right)\left(0.05\right)}\times\ 100$$ = $$\ \ \frac{0.045}{0.1075}\times\ 100$$ = 41.86% $$\approx\ $$ 42%

Answer is option B.

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