Read the following information and Tables and answer the questions.

BHUBANESWAR, CHENNAI, KANYAKUMARI, KOCHI, MUMBAI and VIZAG are 6 major Indian cities. For some reason people use only a certain mode of transport between a pair of cities. The modes of transport are provided in Table 1, while in Table 2 the distances between different pairs of cities are given. Table 3 provides the speed of the mode of transport and the cost associated with each of them.

                                                                               Table 1: Mode of Transport between Cities

                                                                      Table 2: Distance between Cities (KM)

                                                                    Table 3: Mode of Transport and Cost

Question 88

What is the least cost way to reach to VIZAG from KOCHI?


Option A: Cost incurred in a flight from KOCHI to VIZAG = 600*5 = Rs. 3000

Option B: A ship from KOCHI to CHENNAI and then take a train to VIZAG = 901*1.5+300*2.5 = Rs. 2101.50

Option C: Take a train from KOCHI to KANYKUMARI and then take a ship to VIZAG = 1100*2.5 + 250*1.5 = Rs. 3125

Option D: Take a train from KOCHI to MUMBAI and then take a flight to VIZAG = 300*2.5+500*5 = Rs. 3250

Therefore, option B is the correct answer. 

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