IIFT 2014 Question Paper Question 85


Read the following information and Tables and answer the questions.

BHUBANESWAR, CHENNAI, KANYAKUMARI, KOCHI, MUMBAI and VIZAG are 6 major Indian cities. For some reason people use only a certain mode of transport between a pair of cities. The modes of transport are provided in Table 1, while in Table 2 the distances between different pairs of cities are given. Table 3 provides the speed of the mode of transport and the cost associated with each of them.

                                                                               Table 1: Mode of Transport between Cities

                                                                      Table 2: Distance between Cities (KM)

                                                                    Table 3: Mode of Transport and Cost

Question 85

Mr. Ranjith lives in MUMBAI and wants to travel to KOCHI. However, the train services are on halt due to laying of track for bullet trains across the country. In this scenario, which of the following is the least cost route to reach KOCHI?


Cost incurred in route MUMBAI - BHUBANESWAR - KOCHI : 701*(2) + 798*5 = Rs. 5392. 

Cost incurred in route MUMBAI - CHENNAI - KOCHI : 1000*(1.5) + 901*(1.5) = Rs. 2851.50. 

Cost incurred in route MUMBAI - KANYAKUMARI - KOCHI : 950*(2) + 1100*(2.5) = Rs. 4650. 

Cost incurred in route MUMBAI - VIZAG - KOCHI : 500*(5) + 600*5 = Rs. 5500. 

Hence, we can see that cost incurred in route mentioned option B is the least. 

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