Based on the information given below, answer the questions which follow.

The occupancy rate of a hotel is the share of available rooms that are occupied during a given time. Figure- I presents quarter wise average hotel occupancy in four regions (Asia-Pacific, America, Europe and Middle East & Africa) for the year 2016. Figure-2, shows the revenue of select hotel chains worldwide in 2016.

Figure-1: Region Wise Average Hotel Occupancy Rates

Occupancy rates

                                                           Regions $$\rightarrow$$

Figure-2: Revenue of Select Hotel Chains Worldwide


Question 8

Assuming that there is no change in the number of available rooms in a given year in all four regions, the correct arrangement in the increasing order of average annual occupancy rates is :


Average annual occupancy rate of Asia Pacific = $$\ \frac{\ 67+68+72+71}{4}=\frac{278}{4}=69.5$$
Average annual occupancy rate of America = $$\ \frac{\ 60+69+61+71}{4}=\frac{261}{4}=65.25$$
Average annual occupancy rate of Europe = $$\ \frac{\ 74+69+61+78}{4}=\frac{282}{4}=70.5$$
Average annual occupancy rate of Middle East and Africa = $$\ \frac{\ 64+58+61+63}{4}=\frac{246}{4}=61.5$$
Increasing order - Middle East and Africa, America, Asia Pacific and Europe
The answer is option B.

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