Based on the information given below, answer the questions which follow.

The occupancy rate of a hotel is the share of available rooms that are occupied during a given time. Figure- I presents quarter wise average hotel occupancy in four regions (Asia-Pacific, America, Europe and Middle East & Africa) for the year 2016. Figure-2, shows the revenue of select hotel chains worldwide in 2016.

Figure-1: Region Wise Average Hotel Occupancy Rates

Occupancy rates

                                                           Regions $$\rightarrow$$

Figure-2: Revenue of Select Hotel Chains Worldwide


Question 6

For Hilton Worldwide, considering 70% average occupancy rate for 365 days of operations and average room rent of 350 USD per day, the total number of rooms available (in 000's) in Hilton Worldwide per day approximately are:


Let the total number of rooms available be 'T'
$$\frac{70}{100}T\times\ 1000\times\ 365\times\ 350=12\times\ 10^9$$
Solving we get, T = 134
The answer is option B.

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