Question 58

At a dinner party, every two guests used a dish of rice between them. Every three guests used a dish of daal and every four used a dish of meat between them. There were altogether 65 dishes. How many guests were present?


Let the total number of guests be $$x$$

Number of rice bowls = $$\frac{x}{2}$$

Number of bowls of daal = $$\frac{x}{3}$$

Number of bowls of meat = $$\frac{x}{4}$$

=> $$\frac{x}{2}+\frac{x}{3}+\frac{x}{4}=65$$

=> $$\frac{6x+4x+3x}{12}=65$$

=> $$\frac{13x}{12}=65$$

=> $$x=5\times12=60$$

$$\therefore$$ 60 guests were present.

=> Ans - (C)

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