Based on the information given below, answer the questions which follow.

The data on select economic indicators for entire world comprising of 7 regions namely East Asia & Pacific, Europe & Central Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, North America, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa is presented in Table-1 for the year 2017. Further, Table-2 represents the economic indicators for select countries.

GNI refers to Gross National Income (USD Billions). PPP refers to Purchasing Power Parity (USD Billions). POP refers to Population (Millions) and SA refers to Surface Area (Thousands sq. km)

             Table-1: Economic Indicators for Different Regions of World

                                       Table-2: Economic Indicators for Select Countries

Question 3

What percentage of world's GNI is represented by combined GNI of India and US?


Combined GNI of India and US is 21410.

GNI of world is 78000.

Percentage = (21410/78000)*100


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