Question 156

In a shop, the items were arranged in a shelf consisting of six rows. Biscuists are arranged above  the tins of chocolates but below the rows of packets of chips, cakes are at the bottom an the bottles of peppermints are below the chocolates. The top most row had the display of jam bottles. Where exactly are the bottles of peppermints? Mention the place from the top.


The order which can be clearly plotted at the start is:
1. Jam
6. Cakes

For the rest we can decipher that the order from top to bottom has to obey: Chips - Biscuits - Chocolates - Peppermints
And we can see that there are exactly 4 slots to fill. 

Hence, the 4 items are filled the same way and pepper mints occupy 5th place from top. 

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