IIFT 2012 Question Paper Question 15


Read the information given below, analyse the following chart of Domestic sales and production of a country and answer the questions

Following charts present data about the domestic sales and production of LCD, LED and Plasma TVs produced and sold in a country (in number of units). Differences in production and sales will be bridged through external trade (i.e. exports and imports) of the TV category during a given year.

Question 15

What year has registered the highest external trade in total number of TV units?


The given information in table format is as shown below:-

The negative sign in Import/Export signifies Import.
The net external trade of 2006 = 475+125+25 = 625
Net export of 2007 = 450+25 = 475
Net export in 2008 = 400+350 = 750
Net export in 2010 = 250+200+75 = 525
Thus, The external trade was the highest in the year 2008
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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