IIFT 2012 Question Paper


Analyse the following chart showing the exports and imports of Sono Ltd. and answer the questions based on this chart

Question 1

Approximately by what percentage are the total Exports greater/ smaller than the total imports for the given period?

Question 2

If the absolute difference between imports and exports are ranked in ascending order, which year gets 4th rank?

Question 3

In which year was the fifth largest annual percentage increase in exports recorded?

Question 4

Which year saw the second largest annual percentage increase in imports?

Question 5

What is the approximate percentage point difference in the maximum annual percentage increase in export and the minimum annual percentage decrease in Imports?


Answer the questions on the basis of the table given below Table: Production of Major Minerals and Metals (Million Tonnes)

Question 6

Which mineral/metal witnessed highest growth rate in production from 2005 to 2011?

Question 7

Which year has witnessed highest absolute increase in total production of minerals and metals?

Question 8

Highest annual growth rate in production is recorded in

Question 9

If annual average growth rate in production exhibited during 2006 to 2011 continues for next 4 years, then what will be the approximate production of aluminium in the year 2015?

Question 10

In which year is the proportion of copper production in the total mineral and metal production the highest?

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