IIFT 2018 Question 14


Based on the information answer the questions which follow.

The Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is an interactive benchmarking tool created by the World Bank to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in their performance on trade logistics and what they can do to improve their performance. It is a measure of the country scores on six key indicators: Customs, Infrastructure, International Shipments, Logistics Competence, Tracking & Tracing and Timeliness. Table shows the LPI indicators (on the scale of 1 to 5) of select countries on these indicators. Figure below presents the perceived performance of these indicators (on the scale of 1 to 5) of India on these 6 indicators.

                                          Table: LPI Indicators of Select Countries in 2018

                                                                Figure: LPI Indicators for India

Question 14

Arrange the countries in ascending order on the basis of score obtained on (Timeliness) - (Logistics Competence)


Austria - 4.25 - 4.08 = 0.17
UK - 4.33 - 4.05 = 0.28
USA - 4.08 - 3.87 = 0.21
Switzerland - 4.24 - 3.97 = 0.27
France - 4.15 - 3.84 = 0.31
Ascending order - Austria, USA, Switzerland, UK and France
The answer is option A.

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