IIFT 5th Dec 2021 Slot 1 Question 13

Question 13

Shankar Fertilizer Limited and Shah Fertilizer Limited purchased one packet of Phosphorus each at the same price. Later on GreenP Company purchased both the packets at equal price from Shankar Fertilizer Limited and Shah Fertilizer Limited. But the profit percentage of Shankar Fertilizer Limited was $$X$$ while that of Shah Fertilizer Limited was $$Y$$. Shah Fertilizer Limited calculated his profit on the selling price. Thus $$Y=45\frac{9}{20}\%$$. If the GreenP 20 Company sells one of the packets to Mehrauli Nursery at $$X\%$$ profit, then what is the cost price for Mehrauli Nursery. while GreenP Company purchased each of the Phosphorus packets at Rs. 330?


Shankar's profit% = $$\frac{P}{C.P}\times\ 100$$ = X
Shah's profit% = $$\frac{P}{S.P}\times\ 100$$ = Y
$$\ \frac{\ S.P}{C.P}=\frac{X}{Y}$$
It is given,
$$Y\ =\ \frac{909}{2000}X$$
$$\frac{X}{Y}\ =\ \frac{2000}{909}$$
$$\frac{S.P}{C.P}\ =\ \frac{2000}{909}$$
$$\frac{P}{C.P}\ =\ \frac{1091}{909}$$
It is given,
C.P = Rs 330
Profit $$P\ =\ \frac{1091}{909}\times\ 330\ \approx\ 396$$
The cost price for Mehrauli Nursery = 396 + 330 = Rs 726

Answer is option A.

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