Each item is followed by two statements A and B. Answer each question using the following Options :

Question 1

A rectangular floor that is 4 metres wide is to be completely covered with square tiles, each with the side of length 0.25 metre. What is the least number of such tiles required?
A. The length of the floor is three times the width.
B. The area of the floor is 48 square metres.


Width of floor = 4 m and side of square tile = 0.25 m. Now, to find the number of tiles required we need to divide the area of floor by area of tile.

A) : Length = 12 m, thus area of floor = 48 sq. mt

Hence, this statement is sufficient.

B) : Area of floor = 48 sq. mt

Hence, this statement is also sufficient.

=> Ans - (B)

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