MAT 2004


Each item is followed by two statements A and B. Answer each question using the following Options :

Question 1

A rectangular floor that is 4 metres wide is to be completely covered with square tiles, each with the side of length 0.25 metre. What is the least number of such tiles required?
A. The length of the floor is three times the width.
B. The area of the floor is 48 square metres.

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Question 2

Each student in a class of 40 students voted for exactly one of the three candidates A, B or C for the post of class representative. Did candidate A receive the maximum votes from the 40 votes cast?
A. Candidate A received 11 of the votes
B. Candidate C received 14 of the votes

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Question 3

$$I_1, I_2  and  I_3$$ are lines in a plane. Is $$I_1$$ perpendicular to $$I_3$$?

A. $$I_1$$ is perpendicular to $$I_2$$

B. $$I_2$$ is perpendicular to $$I_3$$

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Question 4

Was 70 the average grade on a class test?
A. On the test, half of the class had grades below 70 and half of the class had grades above 70.
B. The lowest grade on the test was 45 and the highest grade on the test was 95.

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Question 5

If $$x$$ is an integer, then what is the value of $$x^2$$ ?

A. $$\left(\frac{1}{5}\right) < \left(\frac{1}{(x + 1)}\right) < \left(\frac{1}{2}\right)$$

B. $$(x - 3) (x- 4) = 0$$

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Refer to the given line graph and the pie charts to answer these questions:


Question 6

How many hectares of FSI has been distributed between 1994-2002?

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Question 7

How many years witnessed a decline in FNI and an increase in FSI?

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Question 8

During 1994-2002, the greatest proportion of FNI was put to commercial use in

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Study the information given below to answer these questions:

Investing in real estate would be a profitable venture at this time. A survey in House magazine revealed that 85% of the magazine's readers are planning to buy a second home over the next few years. A study of the real estate industry, however, revealed that the current supply or homes could only provide for 65%of that demand each year.

Question 9

Which of the following, if true, reveals a weakness in the evidence cited above?

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Question 10

Which of the following, if true, would undermine the validity of the investment advice in the paragraph above?

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