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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

In a small college, students are allowed to take only one specialization. Traditionally, only two specializations are offered: Science and Arts. Students enrolled to specialize in Science must take Physics and Mathematics subjects, while students enrolled to specialize in Arts must take Economics and Political Science subjects. Students enrolled in Science are not allowed to take either Economics or Political Science, while students enrolled in Arts are not allowed to take either Physics or Mathematics.

Recently, the college has started a third specialization called MatEco that requires students to take Economics and Mathematics. However, MatEco students would not be allowed to take either Physics or Political Science. When the college opens this new specialization for enrolment, it allows students, originally enrolled in Science or Arts, to switch to MatEco.

From among the students originally enrolled in Arts, 20 students switch to MatEco. This makes the number of Science students twice the number of Arts students. After this, from among the students who originally enrolled in Science, 45 students switch to MatEco. This makes the number of Arts students twice the number of Science students.

In total, how many students, from among those originally enrolled in Science or Arts, are now taking Economics?

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Question 2

In a school, the number of students in each class, from Class I to X, in that order, are in an arithmetic progression. The total number of students from Class I to V is twice the total number of students from Class VI to X.

If the total number of students from Class I to IV is 462, how many students are there in Class VI?

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Question 3

A flight, traveling to a destination 11,200 kms away, was supposed to take off at 6:30 AM. Due to bad weather, the departure of the flight got delayed by three hours. The pilot increased the average speed of the airplane by 100 km/hr from the initially planned average speed, to reduce the overall delay to one hour.

Had the pilot increased the average speed by 350 km/hr from the initially planned average speed, when would have the flight reached its destination?

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Question 4

Consider the equation $$\log_5(x - 2) = 2 \log_{25}(2x - 4)$$, where x is a real number.
For how many different values of x does the given equation hold?

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Question 5

The cost of running a movie theatre is Rs. 10,000 per day, plus additional Rs. 5000 per show. The theatre has 200 seats. A new movie released on Friday. There were three shows, where the ticket price was Rs. 250 each for the first two shows and Rs. 200 for the late-night show.
For all shows together, total occupancy was 80%. What was the maximum amount of profit possible?

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Question 6

FS food stall sells only chicken biryani. If FS fixes a selling price of Rs. 160 per plate, 300 plates of biriyani are sold. For each increase in the selling price by Rs. 10 per plate, 10 fewer plates are sold. Similarly, for each decrease in the selling price by Rs. 10 per plate, 10 more plates are sold. FS incurs a cost of Rs. 120 per plate of biriyani, and has decided that the selling price will never be less than the cost price. Moreover, due to capacity constraints, more than 400 plates cannot be produced in a day.
If the selling price on any given day is the same for all the plates and can only be a multiple of Rs. 10, then what is the maximum profit that FS can achieve in a day?

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Question 7

A farmer has a triangular plot of land. One side of the plot, henceforth called the base, is 300 feet long and the other two sides are equal. The perpendicular distance, from the corner of the plot, where the two equal sides meet, to the base, is 200 feet. To counter the adverse effect of climate change, the farmer wants to dig a circular pond. He plans that half of the circular area will be inside the triangular plot and the other half will be outside, which he will purchase at the market rate from his neighbour. The diameter of the circular plot is entirely contained in the base and the circumference of the pond touches the two equal sides of the triangle from inside.
If the market rate per square feet of land is Rs. 1400, how much does the farmer must pay to buy the land from his neighbour for the pond? (Choose the closest option.)

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Question 8

A group of boys is practising football in a rectangular ground. Raju and Ratan are standing at the two opposite mid-points of the two shorter sides. Raju has the ball, who passes it to Rivu, who is standing somewhere on one of the longer sides. Rivu holds the ball for 3 seconds and passes it to Ratan. Ratan holds the ball for 2 seconds and passes it back to Raju. The path of the ball from Raju to Rivu makes a right angle with the path of the ball from Rivu to Ratan. The speed of the ball, whenever passed, is always 10 metre per second, and the ball always moves on straight lines along the ground.
Consider the following two additional pieces of information:
I. The dimension of the ground is 80 metres × 50 metres.
II. The area of the triangle formed by Raju, Rivu and Ratan is 1000 square metres.
Consider the problem of computing the following: how many seconds does it take for Raju to get the ball back since he passed it to Rivu? Choose the correct option.

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Question 9

The least common multiple of a number and 990 is 6930. The greatest common divisor of that number and 550 is 110.
What is the sum of the digits of the least possible value of that number?

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Question 10

The roots of the polynomial $$P(x) = 2x^3 - 11x^2 + 17x - 6$$ are the radii of three concentric circles.
The ratio of their area, when arranged from the largest to the smallest, is:

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