XAT 2010 Question Paper


Answer the questions based on the information given below:

Madhubala Devi, who works as a domestic help, received Rs. 2500 as Deepawali bonus from her employer. With that money she is contemplating purchase of one or more among 5 available government bonds - A, B, C, D and E.

To purchase a bond Madhubala Devi will have to pay the price of the bond. If she owns a bond she receives a stipulated amount of money every year (which is termed as the coupon payment) till the maturity of the bond. At the maturity of the bond she also receives the face value of the bond.
Price of a bond is given by: $$P=[\sum_{t=1}^T\frac{C}{(1+r)^{t}}]+\frac{F}{(1+r)^{t}}$$

where C is coupon payment on the bond. which is the amount of money the holder of the bond receives annually; F is the face value of the bond, which is the amount of money the holder of the bond receives when the bond matures (over and above the coupon payment for the year of maturity); T is the number of years in which the bond matures;
R = 0.25, which means the market rate of interest is 25%.

Among the 5 bonds the bond A and another two bonds mature in 2 years, one of the bonds matures in 3 years, and the bond D matures in 5 years.

The coupon payments on bonds A, E, B, D and C are in arithmetic progression, such that the coupon payment on bond A is twice the common difference, and the coupon payment on bond B is half the price of bond A.

The face value of bond B is twice the face value of bond E, but the price of bond B is 75% more than the price of bond E. The price of bond C is more than Rs. 1800 and its face value is same as the price of bond A. The face value of bond A is Rs. 1000.

Bond D has the largest face value among the five bonds.

Question 91

The face value of bond E must be

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Question 92

Madhubala Devi purchased one or more of the 5 available bonds from her bonus pay and spent the remainder. She made the purchase decision such thather return from the bonds is maximized. Her return
from the bonds is

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Question 93

The price of bond C must be

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 94

If all letters of the word "CHCJL" be arranged in an English dictionary, what will be the $$50^{th}$$ word?

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Question 95

A manufacturer produces two types of products - A and B, which are subjected to two types of operations, viz. grinding and polishing. Each unit of product A takes 2 hours of grinding and 3 hours of polishing whereas product B takes 3 hours of grinding and 2 hours of polishing. The manufacturer has 10 grinders and 15 polishers. Each grinder operates for 12 hours/day and each polisher 10 hours/day. The profit margin per unit of A and B are Rs. 5/ - and Rs. 7/ - respectively. If the manufacturer utilises all his resources for producing these two types of items, what is the maximum profit that the manufacturer can earn in a day?

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Question 96

A tank internally measuring 150cm × 120cm × l00cm has $$1281600cm^{3}$$ water in it. Porous bricks are placed in the water until the tank is full up to its brim. Each brick absorbs one tenth of its volume of water. How many bricks, of 20cm × 6cm × 4cm, can be put in the tank without spilling over the water?

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Question 97

The chance of India winning a cricket match against Australia is 1/6. What is the minimum number of matches India should play against Australia so that there is a fair chance of winning atleast one match?

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Question 98

A chocolate dealer has to send chocolates of three brands to a shopkeeper. All the brands are packed in boxes of same size. The number of boxes to be sent is 96 of brand A, 240 of brand B and 336 of brand C. These boxes are to be packed in cartons of same size containing equal number of boxes. Each carton should contain boxes of same brand of chocolates. What could be the minimum number of cartons that the dealer has to send?

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based on the information given below.

The retail prices of flowers, consumer expenditure on flowers and sales of flowers for the calendar year 2009, in Phoolgaon, a small town with a population of 70000, is summarized in table 3:

Question 99

Compared to January, the total expenditure on carnations in March

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Question 100

Compared to January, the sales of roses in July

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