XAT 2010 Question 98

Question 98

A chocolate dealer has to send chocolates of three brands to a shopkeeper. All the brands are packed in boxes of same size. The number of boxes to be sent is 96 of brand A, 240 of brand B and 336 of brand C. These boxes are to be packed in cartons of same size containing equal number of boxes. Each carton should contain boxes of same brand of chocolates. What could be the minimum number of cartons that the dealer has to send?


Since each carton should contain boxes of the same brand of chocolates and all boxes being of equal size, to get the minimum number of cartons, we should have the maximum number of boxes in each carton.

Thus, the number of boxes in each carton = H.C.F (96,240,336)

= 48

So, we will get minimum number of cartons if there are 48 boxes in each carton.

$$\therefore$$ Number of cartons = $$\frac{96}{48} + \frac{240}{48} + \frac{336}{48}$$

= $$2 + 5 + 7 = 14$$

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