XAT 2010 Question 100


based on the information given below.

The retail prices of flowers, consumer expenditure on flowers and sales of flowers for the calendar year 2009, in Phoolgaon, a small town with a population of 70000, is summarized in table 3:

Question 100

Compared to January, the sales of roses in July


Expenditure on roses in January = 1136916

Price of roses per dozen = 99

Roses sold = 1136916/99

                =11484 dozens

Expenditure on roses in July = 1188432

Price of roses per dozen = 144

Roses sold = 1188432/144

                =8253 dozens 

Sales of roses in July as compared to January = [(8253-11484)/11484]*100

                                                                    =  - 28.13%

Since Change is negative, there is a decrease of 28.13%.
Hence B is the correct answer.

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