Question 91

Buying and selling of manufactured goods are related to which entrepreneur?


The buying and selling of manufactured goods are related to the Trading entrepreneur ( Option C)

B) Novice entrepreneur: A novice entrepreneur is someone who is new to the world of entrepreneurship and is in the early stages of starting their own business. They may lack significant experience and expertise but are eager to learn and embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

B) Portfolio entrepreneur: A portfolio entrepreneur is an individual who manages multiple businesses or ventures simultaneously. They diversify their investments and interests across different industries or sectors, aiming to create a balanced portfolio of businesses. This type of entrepreneur often seeks opportunities for growth and innovation across various fields.

D) Drone entrepreneur: The term "Drone entrepreneur" is not a commonly used or established category of entrepreneurship. However, it can refer to an entrepreneur who is involved in the drone industry, such as developing, manufacturing, or offering services related to drones. This may include drone photography, drone delivery services, or drone technology development.

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