IIFT 2019 Question 90


Direction : Answer the questions based on the information provided.

A word arrangement, when rearranged by given input follow a particular rule/logic in each step.

Following is an example of input and rearrangement. Study that rule/logic and apply on given problem.

INPUT one cannot but feel sorry for him

Steps /Results :

(I) but cannot one sorry feel him for

(II) cannot but feel sorry one for him

(III) but cannot sorry feel him for one

(IV) sorry cannot but him feel one for

Question 90

If Step V reads, ‘weeks of tepid slothful and weak performance’, what would step VI read ?


Step 5 is          : cannot sorry feel him but for one.

Instead it is      :weeks of tepid slothful and weak performance

Step 6 would be:of weeks slothful tepid performance weak and

Option B is the correct answer.

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