Question 9

Let a, b and c be the ages of three persons P, Q and R respectively where a $$\leq$$ b $$\leq$$ c are natural numbers. If the average age of P, Q, R is 32 years and if the age of Q is exactly 6 years more than that of P, then what is the minimum possible value of c?


It is given,

a + b + c = 96 and $$a\le\ b\le\ c$$

It is also given that age of Q is 6 years more than the age of P, i.e. b = a + 6

Minimum value c can take is equal to b, i.e. a + 6

a + a + 6 + a + 6 = 96

3a = 84

a = 28

Minimum possible value of c = 28 + 6 = 34 years

The answer is option A.

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