Direction for the following three questions: Answer the questions based on the following information. A, B, C and D collected one-rupee coins following the given pattern. Together they collected 100 coins. Each one of them collected even number of coins. Each one of them collected at least 10 coins. No two of them collected the same number of coins.

Question 65

If A collected 54 coins, then the difference in the number of coins between the one who collected maximum number of coins and the one who collected the second highest number of coins must be at least


If A collected 54 coins, remaining will be 46.
Now B,C,D must have atleast 10,12,14 coins 
So remaining coins will be 10
So difference between maximum and second maximum should be least when second highest will be as maximum as possible.
I.e. difference = 54- (14+10) = 30

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