Four students — Ashish, Dhanraj, Felix and Sameer sat for the Common Entrance Exam for Management (CEEM). Each of the students has one profession among the four: Doctor, Chartered Accountant, Engineer, and Economist. One student got admission offers from three NIMs (National Institutes of Management), another from two NIMs, the third from one NIM, while the fourth got none. Below are some of the facts about who got admission offers from how many NIMs and what is their educational background.

I. The one who is an engineer didn’t get as many admissions as Ashish.

II. The one who got the offer for admissions in two NIMs isn’t Dhanraj nor is he a chartered accountant.

III. Sameer is an economist.

IV. Dhanraj isn’t an engineer and received more admission offers than Ashish.

V. The doctor got the most number of admission offers.

Question 51

Which one of the following statements is necessarily true?


From Statement I, we know that Ashish is not an engineer, and from Statement IV Dhanraj is not an engineer either. Since Sameer is an Economist, Felix must be the engineer.

From Statement IV, Dhanraj got more offers than Ashish. Since Doctor got the most number of offers, Ashish is not the doctor:

We know that the doctor got offers from 3 NIMs and Ashish got more offers than the engineer. Since Ashish is a CA and did not get 2 offers, he can only get 1 offer and the engineer gets none. The final table will look like this:

Here, we can see that Sameer is an economist with offers from 2 NIMs. Hence only Option C is correct.

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