Question 52

Five boys went to a store to buy sweets. One boy had Rs. 40. Another boy had Rs. 30. Two other boys had Rs. 20 each. The remaining boy had Rs. 10. Below are some more facts about the initial and final cash positions.

I. Alam started with more than Jugraj.

II. Sandeep spent Rs. 1.50 more than Daljeet.

III. Ganesh started with more money than just only one other person.

IV. Daljeet started with 2/3 of what Sandeep started with.

V. Alam spent the most, but did not end with the least.

VI. Jugraj spent the least and ended with more than Alam or Daljeet.

VII.Ganesh spent Rs.3.50.

VIII. Alam spent 10 times than what Ganesh did.

In the choices given below, all statements except one are false. Which one of the following statements can be true?


According to given condition we know that Alam started with 40 spent 35 and saved 5 , Daljeet started with 20 , ganesh started with 20 and saved 16.5 , Jugraj started with 10 and spent less than 3 rs , sandeep started with 30 and spent more than 1.5 rs. So among the options only option D satisfies given requirements.

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