PGDBA 2017 Question 5

Question 5

Arrange the sentences in the most logical order to form a coherent paragraph. From the given options (a, b, c, d) choose the most appropriate option.
(i) Taken together, these elements enable developers to discover and build on what works, to jettison what does not work, and, when necessary; to "fail fast"—before they have expended significant resources or large amounts of time on a project.
(ii) Over the past few decades, the business world has seen the emergence of several process and product improvement platforms.
(iii) Both of those platforms emphasize experimentation and rapid iteration, strong feedback loops that facilitate early and continuous engagement with end users, and the use of minimally designed prototypes to test products or processes.
(iv) Examples include human-centred design, a product innovation method developed by the design firm IDEO, and lean experimentation, an entrepreneurship method that originated in Silicon Valley.

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