Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Seven friends P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are sitting in a straight line which is composited with eight seats, some of them are facing north and some of them are facing south. Each of them likes different colours viz., Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple. All the above information is not necessarily in the same order.

Three seats are there between T and P and both of them are not sitting at the extreme ends. The one who likes white colour is not sitting adjacent to the vacant seat. The one who likes red is an immediate neighbor of the one who likes White. The number of persons between U and Q is one less than the number of persons between Q and S. The only neighbor of V sits third to the left of R. U is facing same direction as T and opposite as Q. The immediate neighbour of V is not facing north direction. The one who likes Orange sits third to the left of T who likes neither blue nor black. The persons sit at the extreme ends are facing opposite direction. The number of seats between the one who likes Blue and Yellow is double than the number of persons between the one who likes Red and Black. P neither likes Red nor likes Black. The one who likes Yellow is not facing the same direction as T. The persons sit adjacent to the vacant seat are facing same direction as their neighbor.

Question 49

How many persons sit between the person who likes Red colour and the vacant seat?

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