Study the passages below and answer the questions.
Passage V
The larger global geo-economic backdrop to the next decade (2013-23) is the likely emergence of as the world's largest single-state economy overtaking the USA towards the end of this period. The 'critical question will be whether China under a new leadership will subscribe to the existing global status quo or adopt a revisionist approach — and seek to alter the contours of i global governance and related protocols to its own template. Within Asia, the texture and orientation of the triangular and bilateral relationship that will emerge between China, Japan and India over the next decade against the backdrop of the US in relative economic decline will exude many contradictory compulsions — the leitmotif of the 'contra-polar'world order. While China may be the world's most prosperous state in GDP terms, it will still rank low in per capita income and the US is likely to retain its military supremacy for atleast two decades. . It is instructive that India is also likely to join the ranks of the world 's three largest single-state economies by 2030 with an estimated GDP of the US - $ 6.68 trillion — though it will be a distant subaltern when 'compared to China - $25.6 trn and USA - $ 22.8 trn. Will China's intent to remain Asia's unchallenged hegemony impact Indian interests? The Chinese track-record over the last two decades (since the end of the Cold War in 1991) has been chequered and many of its initiatives have been either directly adversarial or inimical to Indian interests. The most disturbing development has been the covert nuclear weapon and missile support that China has provided to Pakistan. The Mumbai carnage of November 2008 is a case in point. But much greater pro-active perspicacity is called for than what Delhi has exuded to date.

Question 37

As per information given in the passage, China has

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