XAT 2014 Question 32


Answer questions based on information that is provided.

Question 32

A group of nine runners will finish the 400 meters race in a certain order. The runners are:
Ashok, Benjamin, Chetan, Divya, Eshant, Girish, Himani, and Irravaty. They all finish at different times, and their finishing order is as follow:
1.Faneesh finishes before Ashok
2.Divya finishes before Benjamin and Eshant
3.Irravaty finishes after Chetan
4.Girish finishes after Ashok
Which is the best position Girish can finish?


Girish finishes after Ashok who finishes after Faneesh. No information about anybody else finishing before Girish can be deduced from the given clues. So, the best positon at which Girish can finish the race is third.
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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