XAT 2014 Question 30


Answer questions based on information that is provided.

Question 30

Consider merit pay for teachers. Schools face constant pressure to change their management approaches to improve performance, which is usually assessed by standardized reading, math, and science scores. In most school teacher’s pay is determined by seniority, years of total teaching experience, and credentials. Pay is rarely based on performance, which is contrary to the belief among parents and private sector. Parents and business leaders lament that there are no carrots/sticks used to motivate teachers.
Consequently, there has been greater push to implement some form of merit pay to improve
the motivation. Which of the following statements will disapprove the claim of the parents and business leaders?


Parents push to implement some form of merit pay to motivate teachers. In this question, we need to disapprove of the statement made by parents. Options A states that teachers are self-motivated and don't need external input.

The answer is option A.

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