IIFT 2016 Question Paper Question 27


After receiving the disturbing news of falling standards the Supreme Council of Confederation of five Kingdoms is considering to conduct joint entrance examination for all student in these kingdoms for Vaidya Ratna course. As a first step, it has been decided to review the past five years data about the individual entrance examination of the kingdoms so that an appropriate action can be taken. Study the table given below and answer the questions.

Question 27

Highest number of candidates passed are from which of the following kingdoms for all the years together?


Total no of candidates passed from Anga Kingdoms for all years = 850+770+1200+750+1190 = 4760

Total no of candidates passed from Banga Kingdoms for all years = 640+810+1235+880+660 = 4225

Total no of candidates passed from Gandhar Kingdoms for all years = 765+595+810+520+1200 = 3890

Total no of candidates passed from Dwarka Kingdoms for all years = 780+1120+715+935+1330 = 4880

Hence, Dwarka is the kingdom with highest number of candidates passed.

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