Study the graph to answer these questions.
In the year 2012, 17 lakh tonne of a vegetable was produced in a certain State. Its production status in six Districts of that State is shown in pie chart 1. The percentages of total expenditure incurred under different heads for producing this vegetable in any district is shown in pie chart II.

           Pie Chart I (Figure in lakh tonne)

                Pie Chart II

Question 112

The total expenditure per tonne production of vegetable in these districts is ₹ 5580. The amount spent towards transport in district F is more/less than that in district E by


F = 1.88

E = 1.75

Total expenses for F = 1.88*5580 

= 10490.4

Total expenses for E = 1.75*5580

= 9765

Difference = 10490.4-9765

= 725.4 lakh

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