On the basis of the information provided, answer the questions below.

Six friends Ana, Belle, Cinderella, Diana, Elsa and Ferida are sitting on the ground in a hexagonal shape discussing their trades i.e. cook, hairdresser, washerwoman, tailor, carpenter and plumber. All the sides of the hexagon are of the same length. The seating arrangement is subject to following conditions.

1.Ana is not adjacent to the hairdresser or Cinderella
2.The tailor is not adjacent to Cinderella or Elsa but adjacent to Ana.
3.Hairdresser and Cinderella are adjacent to each other.
4.Plumber is in the middle of tailor and Cinderella in a clockwise direction.
5.Cook is adjacent to the Carpenter who is adjacent to Belle in an anti-clockwise direction.
6.Ferida is a plumber and Elsa is adjacent the cook.
7.In a clockwise direction, the washerwoman is followed by the hairdresser

Question 11

Who is sitting opposite to the plumber?


The plumber (Ferida) is in the middle of the tailor, and Cinderella is in a clockwise direction. Thus we get Ana opposite of Cinderella.

The hairdresser is to the left of the washerwoman in a clockwise direction. As Ana is not adjacent to hairdresser, the hairdresser has to be second to the right of Ana, with the washerwoman (Cinderella) to the right of the hairdresser. Bella, the carpenter and the cook sit in the same order in an anti-clockwise direction. The only possible arrangement is that Ana is the cook, Elsa is the carpenter, and Bella is the hairdresser.

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