IIFT 2019 Question 1

Question 1

You travel by Delhi Metro every day from Botanical Garden, Noida to Hauz Khas, Delhi. At Hauz Khas metro station, you use an escalator to get out of the station. The escalator takes 80 seconds to get you down. One day, the escalator was not working and you walk up the escalator in 50 seconds. How many minutes does it approximately take you to walk up the working escalator?


It is given that by using the escalator, one can get out of the station in 80 sec.

Let us consider the number of steps =80

Speed of the escalator = 1 step/sec

When the escalator was not working, the time taken by a person = 50 sec

The speed of the person = 80/50=8/5 steps/sec

Time taken by a person walking down a moving escalator = $$\ \frac{\ 80}{\ \frac{\ 8}{5}-1}$$

=$$\ \frac{\ 80}{\ \frac{\ 3}{5}}$$

=2.22 min

B is the correct answer.

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