XAT 2015 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Six words are given below:

I. Cacophonic
II. Cacographic
III. Calamitous
IV. Catastrophic
V. Contraindicative
VI. Cataclysmic

Which of the above words have similar meanings?

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Question 2

Read the four sentences given below:
i. He is the most ______ of the speakers to address us today.
ii. The belief in ______ justice is the essence of his talk.
iii. This hall would have been full but for the _____ rain.
iv. Many in the audience have achieved _____ in their respective fields.

Which of the following sequence of words would most appropriately fit the blanks ?

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Question 3

The first and the last sentences of the paragraph are numbered 1 & 6. The others, labeled as P, Q,R and S, are given below:

1. The world of cinema is indeed a strange one and baffles many a critic.
P. But there are incorrigible optimists who see a bright future.
Q. The pundits still predict doom and they insist that it is the end of the road for cinema.
R. At the temples of the box office, fortunes are made and unmade.
S. The world of cinema has, they say, its own attraction.
6. Perhaps a positive outlook is not unwarranted. A doomsday approach is far too fatal at this stage.
Which of the following combinations given below is the most logically ordered?

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Question 4

Which of the following is not a term of ā€˜disapprovalā€™?

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Question 5

Read the following sentences and choose the option that best arranges them in a logical order.
I. It is certainly true that the critics - those persons whom the dictionary describes as ā€œskilled in judging the qualities or merits of some class of things, especially of literary or artistic workā€ - have long harboured murderous thoughts about the conditions of drama, but their ineffectuality as public executioners is legendary.
II. But not close enough, it would seem, for this ā€œmarriageā€ constitutes the case of an absolute desire encountering a relative compliance.
III. The reviewers, by contrast, come close to being the most loyal and effective allies the commercial theatre could possibly desire.
IV. Perhaps the greatest irony in a situation bursting with ironies is the reiterated idea that the critics are killing the theatre.
V. We all know that when theatre people or members of the public refer to the critics, they nearly always mean the reviewers.

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Question 6

In the traditions of many religions throughout the world (including Judaeo - Christian beliefs), there has long been a sustained believe that the Universe as we know it today did not exist forever in the past, and that there was a spontaneous act which gave birth to all that has been, and all that will be. In other words, the Universe itself has not been eternal as our senses might indicates at first glance, ā€¦ Which of the following options can meaningfully complete the above sentence?

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Question 7

It is a curious historical fact that modern quantum mechanics began with two quite different mathematical formulations: the different equation of Schroedinger , and the matrix algebra of Heisenberg. The two, apparently dissimilar, approaches were proved to be mathematically equivalent.
Which of the following sentences would most meaningfully follow the above paragraph?

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Question 8

Ranu is an ordinary sportsperson. In the last two university sprint events, her performances in the heats were pathetic. Which of the following, if true, weakens the above argument the most?

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Question 9

Identify the correct sequence of words would most that aptly fit the blanks in the following passage.
It is _____ (i) _____ that the accused had _____ (ii) _____ _____ (iii) _____ from all criminal activities by adopting the _____ (iv) ____ _ of a sanyasi. However, despiteĀ repeated requests from the counsel for prosecution, the court has _____ (v) _____ a lie detector to ascertain the truth.

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Question 10

In the following pages, I shall demonstrate that there is a psychological technique which makes it possible to interpret dreams, and that on the application of this technique, every dream will reveal itself as a psychological structure, full of significance, and one which may be assigned a specific place in the psychic activities of the walking state, Further, I shall endeavour to elucidate the processes the nature of the psychic forces whose conflict or cooperation is responsible for our dreams. This done, my investigation will terminate, as it will have reached the point where the problem of the dream merges into more comprehensive problems, and to solve these we must have recourse to material of a different kind.

Which of the followings would be closest to the ideas expreses in the first two sentences of the above passages?

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