XAT 2015 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

How many smart cities have been announced in India?

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Question 102

What is “Qualified Institutional Placement”?

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Question 103

What is “Quantitative Easing”?

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Question 104

What is a “Bachpan Bachao Andholan”?

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Question 105

Which of the following authors has not been awarded Pulitzer prize?

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Question 106

Consider the following names:

i. Cadbury
ii. GarlicBread
iii. Honeycomb
iv. KitKat
v. Lollipop 

Which of the following options lists all the correct names of Android operating system?

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Question 107

Which of the following Indian movies did not get nominated for ‘Academy Awards’ in the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ Category?

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Question 108

Which of the following cities is least likely to experience a cyclonic disturbance?

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Question 109

Which of the following towns is not associated with coal/lignite mining?

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Question 110

Four possible industrial belts are given below:
i. Bengaluru - Coimbatore - Madurai
ii. Mumbai - Pune
iii. Ahmedabad - Vadodara
iv. Hugli - Region

Which of the above are well know industrial belts (regions) in India?

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