XAT 2015 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

As per 2011 census, which is the second most urbanized State in India (in percentage terms)?

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Question 92

Christine Lagarde is:

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Question 93

Consider the following cricketers:
i. A Kumble
ii. CA Walsh
iii. GD McGrath
iv. SM Pollock
v. Wasim Akram
Arrange the above cricketers in descending order of test wickets taken:

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Question 94

Consider the following nations:
i. Bangladesh
ii. Brazil
iii. India
iv. Indonesia
v. Philippines
Arrange the above cricketers in descending order of rice production:

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Question 95

Consider the following Tennis Grand Slam:
i. Australian Open
ii. French Open
iii. US Open
iv. Wimble don
Arrange the above Grand Slam in the order of the occurrence in a calendar year:

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Question 96

Consider the following dynasties:

i. Chola Dynasty
ii. Chalukya Dynasty
iii. Hoysala Dynasty
iv. Pala Dynasty
v. Pallava Dynasty
vi. Kushana Dynasty 
Arrange the above dynasties in chronological order:

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Question 97

Which of the following parties had contested the maximum number of seats in the 2014 Indian General Election?

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Question 98

Which is following set of cities/regions is associated with Indian Super League (ISL) teams?

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Question 99

Consider the following list of some Countries and Capitals:

Match the countries with their capitals:

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Question 100

Which of the following statements is correct about Union Budget 2014?

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