Question 3

The first and the last sentences of the paragraph are numbered 1 & 6. The others, labeled as P, Q,R and S, are given below:

1. The world of cinema is indeed a strange one and baffles many a critic.
P. But there are incorrigible optimists who see a bright future.
Q. The pundits still predict doom and they insist that it is the end of the road for cinema.
R. At the temples of the box office, fortunes are made and unmade.
S. The world of cinema has, they say, its own attraction.
6. Perhaps a positive outlook is not unwarranted. A doomsday approach is far too fatal at this stage.
Which of the following combinations given below is the most logically ordered?


Q-P forms a pair as the predictions of "doom" in Q are countered by the "optimists" mentioned in P.

S cannot be the first sentence among the four as it also starts with "the world of cinema", but it  makes the perfect last statement.

Hence, the answer is option C.

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