Question 2

Read the four sentences given below:
i. He is the most ______ of the speakers to address us today.
ii. The belief in ______ justice is the essence of his talk.
iii. This hall would have been full but for the _____ rain.
iv. Many in the audience have achieved _____ in their respective fields.

Which of the following sequence of words would most appropriately fit the blanks ?


All the options have the same four words in different parts of speech. So, let us look at the meanings of these words.

'Eminent' means a famous and respected person within a particular sphere.
'Eminence' is the noun for 'eminent'.
'Imminent' means the state or fact of being about to happen.
'Immanent, means inherent.

By looking at the given sentence, we can see that the first blank should have 'eminent' because it is used as an adjective for a person. Also, the second blank should have 'immanent' as it is defining justice. Similarly, as per the context, the third and the fourth blank should have 'imminent' and 'eminence' respectively.
Hence, option C is the correct answer. 

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