XAT 2015 Question 9

Question 9

Identify the correct sequence of words would most that aptly fit the blanks in the following passage.
It is _____ (i) _____ that the accused had _____ (ii) _____ _____ (iii) _____ from all criminal activities by adopting the _____ (iv) ____ _ of a sanyasi. However, despite repeated requests from the counsel for prosecution, the court has _____ (v) _____ a lie detector to ascertain the truth.


Option B cannot be the answer as forged is not the correct word to be used in this context. Option A and D cannot be the court can't prescribe. 
demeanour - outward behaviour or bearing
deportment - the way persons stands or walks, manners
In the given context, demeanour is the most appropriate word. 

Answer is option C.

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