XAT 2012 Question Paper


Answer question based on the following information.
Ramya, based in Shanpur, took her car for a 400 km trip to Rampur. She maintained a log of the odometer readings and the amount of petrol she purchased at different petrol pumps at different prices (given below). Her car already had 10 litres of petrol at the start of the journey, and she first purchased petrol at the start of the journey, as given in table below, and she had 5 litres remaining at the end of the journey.

Question 71

What has been the mileage (in kilometers per litre) of her car over the entire trip?

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Question 72

Her car’s tank-capacity is 35 litres. Petrol costs 45/- litre in Rampur. What is the minimum
amount of money she would need for purchasing petrol for the return trip from Rampur to Shanpur, using the same route? Assume that the mileage of the car remains unchanged throughout the route, and she did not use her car to travel around in Rampur.

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 73

A medical practitioner has created different potencies of a commonly used medicine by dissolving tables in water and using the resultant solution. Potency 1 solution: When 1 tablet is dissolved in 50
ml, the entire 50 ml is equivalent to one dose. Potency 2 solution: When 2 tablets are dissolved in
50 ml, the entire 50 ml of this solution is equivalent to 2 doses, ... and so on. This way he can give fractions of tablets based on the intensity of infection and the age of the patient. For particular patient, he administers 10 ml of potency 1, 15 ml of potency 2 and 30 ml of potency 4. The dosage administered to the patient is equivalent to

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Question 74

Ram prepares solutions of alcohol in water according to customers’ needs. This morning Ram has prepared 27 litres of a 12% alcohol solution and kept it ready in a 27 litre delivery container to be shipped to the customer. Just before delivery, he finds out that the customer had asked for 27 litres of 21% alcohol solution. To prepare what the customer wants, Ram replaces a portion of 12% solution by 39% solution. How many litres of 12% solution are replaced?

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Question 75

City Bus Corporation runs two buses from terminus A to terminus B,one from each of the terminuses such that each bus makes 5 round trips in a day. There are no stops in between. These buses ply back and forth on the same route at different but uniform speeds. Each morning the buses start at 7 AM from the respective terminuses. They meet for the first time at a distance of 7 km from terminus A. Their next meeting is at a distance of 4 km from terminus B, while travelling in opposite directions. Assuming that the time taken by the buses at the terminuses is negligibly small, and the cost of running a bus is 20 per km, find the daily cost of running the buses (in )

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Question 76

Shyam, a fertilizer salesman, sells directly to farmers. He visits two villages A and B. Shyam starts from A, and travels 50 meters to the East, then 50 meters North-East at exactly 45° to his earlier direction, and then another 50 meters East to reach village B. If the shortest distance between villages A and B is in the form of $$a\sqrt{b+\sqrt{c}}$$ meters, Find the value of a+b+c.

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Question 77

Three truck drivers, Amar, Akbar and Anthony stop at a road side eating joint. Amar orders 10
rotis, 4 plates of tadka, and a cup of tea. Akbar orders 7 rotis, 3 plates of tadka, and a cup of tea. Amar pays 80 for the meal and Akbar pays 60. Meanwhile, Anthony orders 5 rotis, 5 plates of tadka and 5 cups of tea. How much (in ) will Anthony pay?

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Question 78

A computer program was tested 300 times before its release. The testing was done in three stages
of 100 tests each. The software failed 15 times in Stage I, 12 times in Stage II, 8 times in Stage III, 6 times in both Stage I and Stage II, 7 times in both Stage II and Stage III, 4 times in both Stage I and Stage III, and 4 times in all the three stages. How many times the software failed in a single stage only?

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Question 79

Suresh, who runs a bakery, uses a conical shaped equipment to write decorative labels (e.g., Happy
Birthday etc.) using cream. The height of this equipment is 7 cm and the diameter of the base is 5 mm. A full charge of the equipment will write 330 words on an average. How many words can be written using three fifth of a litre of cream?

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The following pie chart shows the percentage distribution of runs scored by a batsman in a test innings.

Question 80

If the batsman has scored a total of 306 runs, how
many 4s and 6s did he hit?

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