XAT 2012 Question Paper


The following pie chart shows the percentage distribution of runs scored by a batsman in a test innings.

Question 81

If 5 of the dot balls had been hit for 4s, and if two of the shots for which the batsman scored 3 runs each had fetched him one run instead, what would have been the central angle of the sector corresponding to the percentage of runs scored in 4s? {Use data from the previous question} 

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 82

Carpenter Rajesh has a circular piece of plywood of diameter 30 feet. He has cut out two disks of diameter 20 feet and 10 feet. What is the diameter of the largest disk that can be cut out from the remaining portion of the plywood piece?

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Question 83

Lionel and Ronaldo had a discussion on the ages of Jose’s sons. Ronaldo made following statements about Jose’s sons:

i. Jose has three sons.
ii. The sum of the ages of Jose’s sons is 13.
iii. The product of the ages of the sons is the same as the age of Lionel.
iv. Jose’s eldest son, Zizou weighs 32 kilos.
v. The sum of the ages of the younger sons of Jose is 4.
vi. Jose has fathered a twin.
vii. Jose is not the father of a triplet.
viii. The LCM of the ages of Jose’s sons is more than the sum of their ages.

Which of the following combination gives information sufficient to determine the ages of Jose’s sons?

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Question 84

Ram and Shyam form a partnership (with Shyam as working partner) and start a business by
investing 4000 and 6000 respectively. The conditions of partnership were as follows:
1. In case of profits till 200,00 per annum, profits would be shared in the ratio of the invested capital.
2.Profits from 200,001 till 400,000 Shyam would take 20% out of the profit, before the division of remaining profits, which will then be based on ratio of invested capital.
3.Profits in excess of 400,000, Shyam would take 35% out of the profits beyond 400,000, before the division of remaining profits, which will then be based on ratio of invested capital.
If Shyam’s share in a particular year was 367000, which option indicates the total business
profit (in ) for that year?

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Question 85

A property dealer bought a rectangular piece of land at 1000/sq. ft. The length of the plot is less than twice its breadth. Due to its size, there were no buyers for the full plot. Hence he decided to sell it in smaller sized pieces as given below. The largest square from one end was sold at 1200/sq. ft. From the remaining rectangle the largest square was sold at 1150/sq. ft. Due to crash in the property prices, the dealer found it difficult to make profit from the sale of the remaining part of the land. If the ratio of the perimeter of the remaining land to the perimeter of the original land is 3 : 8, at what price (in ) the remaining part of the land is to be sold such that the dealer makes an overall profit of 10%?

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