XAT 2012 Question 83

Question 83

Lionel and Ronaldo had a discussion on the ages of Jose’s sons. Ronaldo made following statements about Jose’s sons:

i. Jose has three sons.
ii. The sum of the ages of Jose’s sons is 13.
iii. The product of the ages of the sons is the same as the age of Lionel.
iv. Jose’s eldest son, Zizou weighs 32 kilos.
v. The sum of the ages of the younger sons of Jose is 4.
vi. Jose has fathered a twin.
vii. Jose is not the father of a triplet.
viii. The LCM of the ages of Jose’s sons is more than the sum of their ages.

Which of the following combination gives information sufficient to determine the ages of Jose’s sons?


Statement iii and iv are redundant. Thus, we can cancel out first three options.

From (i) , (ii) , (v), we have : 

Let A,B,C be the ages of Jose's sons in ascending order

and $$A + B + C = 13$$

and $$A + B = 4$$

=> $$C = 13 - 4 = 9$$

Now, from (vi) we get $$A = B$$

=> $$A = B = \frac{4}{2} = 2$$

$$\therefore$$ i, ii, v and vi are required to answer the question.

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