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based on the following information
The following graphs shows the revenue (in $ million) of three companies in their initial six years of operations, in an economy which is characterized by a persistent inflation.

Question 61

The difference in the average percentage increase in revenues, from 4th to 6th year, of Yahoo and Facebook is:

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Question 62

What would have been Facebook’s revenue (in $ million) in its sixth year of operation if the
company had matched Google’s percentage growth in revenues from the fifth to the sixth year?
Choose the option that is nearest to the answer.

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 63

Tina, Mina, Gina, Lina and Bina are 5 sisters, aged in that order, with Tina being the eldest. Each of them had to carry a bucket of water from a well to their house. Their buckets’ capacities were proportional to their ages. While returning, equal amount of water got splashed out of their buckets. Who lost maximum amount of water as a percentage of the bucket capacity?

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Question 64

Ram, a farmer, managed to grow shaped- watermelons inside glass cases of different shapes. The shapes he used were: a perfect cube, hemi-spherical, cuboid, cylindrical along with the normal spherical shaped watermelons. Thickness of the skin was same for all the shapes. Each of the glass cases was so designed that the total volume and the weight of the all the water- melons would be equal irrespective of the shape.
A customer wants to but water-melons for making juice, for which the skin of the water- melon has to be peeled off, and therefore is a waste. Which shape should the customer buy?

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Question 65

A man borrows 6000 at 5% interest, on reducing balance, at the start of the year. If he repays 1200 at the end of each year, find the amount of loan outstanding, in , at the beginning of the third year.

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Question 66

A spherical metal of radius 10 cm is molten and made into 1000 smaller spheres of equal sizes. In this process the surface area of the metal is increased by:

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Question 67

Gopal sells fruit juice mixture using orange juice and pineapple juice. Gopal prepares this mixture by drawing out a jug of orange juice from a 10 litre container filled with orange juice, and replacing it with pineapple juice. If Gopal draws out another jug of the resultant mixture and replaces it with pineapple juice, the container will have equal volumes of orange juice and pineapple juice. The volume of the jug in litres, is

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Question 68

Nikhil’s mother asks him to buy 100 pieces of sweets worth 100/-. The sweet shop has 3 kinds of sweets, kajubarfi, gulabjamun and sandesh. Kajubarfi costs 10/- per piece, gulabjamun costs 3/- per piece and sandesh costs 50 paise per piece. If Nikhil decides to buy at least one sweet of each type, how many gulabjamuns should he buy?

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Question 69

A potter asked his two sons to sell some pots in the market. The amount received for each pot was same as the number of pots sold. The two brothers spent the entire amount on some packets of potato chips and one packet of banana chips. One brother had the packet of banana chips along with some packets of potato chips, while the other brother just had potato chips. Each packet of potato chips costs 10/- and the packet of banana chips costs less than 10/-. The packets of chips were divided between the two brothers so each brother received equal number of packets. How much money should one brother give to the other to make the division financially equitable?

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Question 70

A city has a park shaped as a right angled triangle. The length of the longest side of this park is 80 m. The Mayor of the city wants to construct three paths from the corner point opposite to the longest side such that these three paths divide the longest side into four equal segments. Determine the sum of the squares of the lengths of the three paths.

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