XAT 2012 Question 69

Question 69

A potter asked his two sons to sell some pots in the market. The amount received for each pot was same as the number of pots sold. The two brothers spent the entire amount on some packets of potato chips and one packet of banana chips. One brother had the packet of banana chips along with some packets of potato chips, while the other brother just had potato chips. Each packet of potato chips costs 10/- and the packet of banana chips costs less than 10/-. The packets of chips were divided between the two brothers so each brother received equal number of packets. How much money should one brother give to the other to make the division financially equitable?


Let 'n' be the number of potato chips bought by the brothers. Also let 'x' be the cost price of a banana chips. ( x < 10) 

Total number of chips purchases = (n + 1). It is given that each brother has equal number of chips packets i.e. (n + 1) is an even number or we can say that 'n' is odd. 

Total amount spend by the brother on these chips packets = 10n + x. It is given that the amount received for each pot was same as the number of pots sold.

Hence, we can say that 10n + x is a perfect square. We can see that the tens place digit is an odd number. 

Perfect squares ending with an odd digit in the tens place = 16, 36, 196, 256 and so on {All (10a $$\pm$$ 4)$$^2$$ type numbers}

We can see that unit place is 6 in all cases and that will be the same as cost price of a banana chips packet. 

The difference between the amount with the two friends = Cost price of 1 potato chips packet - Cost price of 1 banana chips packet = 10 - 6 = 4

Hence,we can say that the brother, who has only chips packets with him, should given Rs.2 to the other brother so that they have the same amount with them.

Therefore, option B is the correct answer. 

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