CAT 2000 Question Paper


Answer these questions based on the data given below: The figures below present annual growth rate, expressed as the % change relative to the previous year, in four sectors of the economy of the Republic of Reposia during the 9 year period from 1990 to 1998. Assume that the index of production for each of the four sectors is set at 100 in 1989 Further, the four sectors: manufacturing, mining and quarrying, electricity, and chemicals, respectively, constituted 20%, 15%, 10%, 15 % of total industrial production 1989.

Question 31

It is known that the index of total industrial production in 1994 was 50 percent more that in 1989. Then, the percentage increase in production between 1989 and 1994 in sectors other than the four listed above is:

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Answer these questions based on the following Information:

ABC Ltd. produces widgets for which the demand is unlimited and they can sell all of their production. The graph below describes the monthly variable costs incurred by the company as a function of the quantity produced. In addition, operating the plant for one shift results in a fixed monthly cost of Rs. 800. Fixed monthly costs for second shift operation are estimated at Rs. 1200. Each shift operation provides capacity for producing 30 widgets per month.
Note: Average unit cost, AC = Total monthly costs/monthly production, and Marginal cost MC is the rate of change in total cost for unit change in quantity produced.

Question 32

Total production in July is 40 units. What is the approximate average unit cost for July?

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Question 33

ABC Ltd. is considering increasing the production level. What is the approximate marginal cost of increasing production from its July level of 40 units.

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Question 34

From the data provided it can be inferred that, for production levels in the range of 0 to 60 units,

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Question 35

Suppose that each widget sells for Rs. 150. What is the profit earned by ABC Ltd. in July, if it is know that 40 widgets were produced in this month? (Profit is defined as the excess of sales revenue over total cost).

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Question 36

Assume that the unit price is Rs. 150 and profit is defined as the excess of sales revenue over total costs. What is the monthly production level of ABC Ltd. at which the profit is highest?

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Question 37

For monthly production level in the range of 30 to 60 Units,

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 38

In a recent report, the gross enrolment ratios at the primary level, that is, the number of children enrolled in classes one to five as a proportion of all children aged 6 to 10, were shown to be very high for most states; in many cases they were way above 100 percent! These figures are not worth anything, since they are based on the official enrolment data compiled from school records. They might as well stand for ‘gross exaggeration ratios’.

Which of the following options best supports the claim that the ratios are exaggerated?

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Question 39

Szymanski suggests that the problem of racism in football may be present even today. He begins by verifying an earlier hypothesis that clubs’ wage bills explain 90% of their performance. Thus, if players’ salaries were to be only based on their abilities, clubs that spend more should finish higher. If there is pay discrimination against some group of players — fewer teams bidding for black players thus lowering the salaries for blacks with the same ability as whites — that neat relation may no longer hold. He concludes that certain clubs seem to have achieved much less than what they could have, by not recruiting black players.

Which of the following findings would best support Szymanski conclusions?

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Question 40

The pressure on Italy’s 257 jails has been increasing rapidly. These jails are old and overcrowded. They are supposed to hold up to 43,000 people -9,000 fewer than now. San Vittore in Milan, which has 1,800 inmates, is designed for 800. The number of foreigners inside jails has also been increasing. The minister in charge of prisons fears that tensions may snap, and so has recommended to the government an amnesty policy.

Which one of the following, if true, would have most influenced the recommendation of the minister?

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